Festival rules and commonly asked questions.

Below are the answers to commonly asked question and the rules about joining us on site. We’ve tried to include everything you might need to know, but if you can’t find the answer to your question, please send us an email at office@fortheloveofmusicfestival.com or you can drop into our Facebook and ask there!

The Stuff and Things

Gates will open and Close between 10am and 10pm each day. Re-entery from the carpark will be unavailable outside of these times if you have already entered the festival. 

Tickets will be available and sent out within 2 weeks of the event. You can visit Either Tickets for more detials

Single day tickets for the event will not be available. We have deliberately kept the price low to ensure those that can’t make it till Friday evening or Saturday morning still get a great deal. Experience has taught us that accessibly priced tickets will likely sell out pre-event, because of this we cannot guarantee any on the day tickets will be available. 

We have a delicious selection of high quality food traders on site to cater for various tastes and dietary needs. we will provide more info on the website soon.

Everyone is subject to search on entry and re-entry to the event. Any item which security or the organisers deem to be illegal, dangerous, or that does not follow our security guide lines will be confiscated. This includes but is not limited to; fireworks, knives, weapons of any kind, laser pens, graffiti spray paint or pens, dogs or any other animals, sound systems, Chinese sky lanterns, fire toys. any Illegal substances (ALL non medically required drugs or substances without a prescription are included) alongside Nitros Oxide (laughing gas) canisters and equipment.

Unfortunately our licence does not allow for gas stoves, BBQ’s or any other fire or gas related equipment.


Security staff will be carrying out random searches as necessary on entrance to ensure contraband isn’t brought on to site. Glass is included in this so please remember too decant into plastic bottles to keep the queue moving smoothly.

Personal alcohol limits are set at 8 cans, 1 “box” or 2 large bottles of beer wine or cider.


70cl of any spirit. -NO GLASS!.

We have kept bar prices accessible and between £3-4 per drink which contributes heavily to our continuing existence so do please support us by using the bar so we can continue to keep our ticket and drinks prices accessible for all!

This particular FTLOM event is over 18’s only, largely due to the lack of space available to provide a family area and our current licencing agreement. Because of this we WILL be carrying out ID checks on anyone lucky enough to look under 25 on entrance to site and at the bars, and security can and will challenge anyone they suspect of being under age. 
To combat this, they will also hand out free coloured wrist bands to show a festival goer has already been asked to produce their ID.
-also please don’t try to collect these….they cost us money;)

Other Things....and stuff.

We have worked hard to ensure we can achieve a licence that gives manned fire pits and performances for you guys. All other naked flames, burners and bbq’s are restricted on site. Small gas stoves are aloud at the discretion of the security as to their stability and safety. Anyone found using “live” fire tools or equipment outside of the pre-defined areas will be ejected from site immediately.

If you require any special assistance or medical support to facilitate your weekend the FTLOM team are keen to support and assist.

Please let us know if you have a requirement that may effect your medical well being whilst on site.

You can fill out the form HERE to get in touch.

Please note that we will do everything reasonably necessary to facilitate to the various ability and needs of our festival goers. but due to the outdoor nature and unpredictability of english weather and a festival site, we reserve the right to temperarily refuse site entrence if we cannot garnetee someones safty or phisical wellbeing.

A Saint Johns Ambulance team will on site through the festival to provide first aid and medical assistance, they will clearly signposted and easy to find from anywhere on site. 

Due to the intensity of some festival experiences we will also have a PsyCare team/tent on site to ensure that on medical based support is available.

Our excellent stewards will be able to identify and offer assistance to anyone needing support accessing the team, and are selected partly because of their proven record calmly and capably doing so.  

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