Aristocrats are an independent 4-piece hip hop collective based in Bristol that have recently begun experimenting with a more new age sound. The group is made up of MCs Stash and Stil Bizzy, and producers JMaxfield and dubL $w£ggrz. 

Formed in 2012, Aristocrats have supported a number of well-known artists in the scene and are regularly invited to play at British festivals during the summer months. Their debut LP ‘L.I.K.R.’ dropped in March 2017, and has been well received, prompting a range of positive reviews:

The L.I.K.R. LP, reviewed by Suspect Packages:

“Bristol based Aristocrats crew come correct with their debut album after a hefty warm up with two EP’s…”
“An impressive set of 14 tracks all coming with an ill sound, a mix of trap to boom bap combined with a fresh set of ill ass verbals…”
“Get to know, we’ve been bumpin’ this one hard…”
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The L.I.K.R. LP, reviewed by Loose Lips:

“Aristocrats are breathing new life into the Bristol hip-hop scene with their debut LP L.I.K.R (Life In Konstant Ripples)…”
“This symbiosis between smoky production and refined lyricism is highlighted in the title track of the LP, L.I.K.R…”
“A testament to the group’s diversity in sound, a trap-influenced stride dubs the LP in Bristolian cement…”
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