Toadstool Psy Trance parties started in 2004 by a small gathering of UK Dj’s looking to create a unique intimate space for those that love to celebrate the music and culture of Psychedelic Trance. Still going strong almost 15 years later Toadstool has become a permanent feature upon the UK Psy Trance landscape, with a happy family of devout party goers who never fail to bring their colourful enthusiasm and unity to the dance floor.
Toadstools family ethos is one of its many strengths where a noticeable bond of friendship, openness and unity underpins its quality musical roots and expression. The parties are carefully created by a dedicated team of volunteers, who’s experience and desire to party are deeply rooted within the uk’s early underground movement.
The music has always been the most important ingredient for Toadstool over the years and its taken very seriously, with a quality line up of talented resident Dj’s that form the basis of any party. Toadstool is often entirely resident driven, where the Dj’s always work tirelessly together to create the perfect sonic journeys for those upon the dance floor, no fuss, no ego, just the finest psychedelic trance out there.