The Electric Swing Circus is a 6-piece fusion of classy 20’s swing and stomping electro beats. With an explosive sound that reverberates back through time, them with their own unique style of swing the ESC always brings the party!


A full time, touring band on the international circuit, the ESC’s live set includes vintage samples, gypsy-jazz guitar, electric double bass, keys, drums, synths and electro beats. Fronted by a powerful female double-act, the ESC delivers a consistently dazzling show. They’ve released two genre defining albums on Ragtime Records: ‘Electric Swing Circus’ and ‘It Flew By’


Rocking stages at festivals and events across the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the ESC have travelled the world and earned themselves a reputation for stunning high energy live shows. There is nothing quite like the ESC on stage, in full costume the band looks great, sounds great and they keep the stage jumping until the curtain falls. With main stage shows at festivals like Boomtown and Shambala, as well as the Avalon stage headline set at Glastonbury 2015, the band have shown they get the crowd moving at any time of day or night.


The new album, “It Flew By”, shows a real development of the ESC sound, with catchy songs, thundering bass lines and soaring vocals. The process has taken almost two years to experiment with the recording process, and discover how best to capture the energy from the live show and translate it onto the record and we are really excited to share the music with the world. Produced by James Bragg (the Skints, Gengah, Dry the River) and recorded between Middle Farm Studios in Devon and Giant Wafer in Wales.




“Sure-fire festival favourites, the ESC excel in the live arena. Their energy and infectious enthusiasm can win over the toughest of crowds. As close to a guaranteed good time as you’re ever likely to find.”     Nick Hollywood – Founder White Mink Black Cotton


“The ESC pulled one of the largest crowds we’ve ever seen at the Shambala main stage and they surely hold the record for the most audience members jumping in unison! Their sound is huge, their energy is infectious and the show unique – a real no brainer for bookers and festivals across the world.”   John Walsh – Director Shambala Festival

“The Electric Swing Circus have become an annual fixture at the Twinwood Festival. They deliver an exciting and vibrant sound that hits the spot every time. The arena is always packed with an adoring crowd who would definitely lynch me if I didn’t have them back every year !”  David Wooding –  Director of Twinwood Events Limited