Name: WBBL

Age: Unknown

Origin: found in a discarded bassbin round the back of Dixons

WBBL specialises in beats bigger than Ben Nevis and basslines chunkier than that milk you forgot to throw out last week. With releases on Bombstrikes, Ghetto Funk, Jalapeño, Scour  and Sunday Best, his tunes have gained support from the likes of A Skillz, DJ Yoda, Ed Solo, Feautrecast, Krafty Kuts, JFB, The Funk Hunters and that bloke in a van at a festival campsite playing music way too loud until 6am.

It’s hard to describe exactly what an average WBBL set comprises of, as no one has ever witnessed him play a set that is just ‘average’. It is foretold in the musical scriptures that his performances feature live re-interpretations of original dancefloor destroyers, remixes of literally all the classics and quite possibly the wobbliest sounds known to man. From bassline to drum & bass, hip hop to house, funk to punk, no genre is safe from WBBL’s production prowess.    

Aside from making clubs up and down the UK bounce on the regular, WBBL is no stranger to headlining festival stages all over the world, navigating the fields of Glastonbury, Shambhala (CAN), Shambala (UK), Bestival, Boomtown, Astral Harvest, Shindig and Sunrise to name but a few. The man is immeasurably wobbly and just won’t quit until everyone knows it.