Site Opening times

The site will open at 12pm and access will close at 10pm each day, non crew parking facilities are a short walk from site.

A drop off point is available for Taxis and legendary mates! (you better bring their bags!)
A map to the site drop off point is below.

Lift Share


The festival is located at Gloucester All Blues Rugby Club, Castlemeads way, Gloucester, GL1 2JQ.

The onsite car park closes at 7pm, after 7pm cars must be parked in one of the nearby car parks or in town.

The site is easily accessible on foot from Gloucester city centre, however as part of the terms of our license agreement no festival goers may enter the site on foot from the main road, instead arriving at the drop off zone at west end parade carpark/bus stop or walking from Castlemeads way car park via Alney Island nature reserve footpath and under the bridge.

For the Love of Musicers who arrive on foot, by public transport, or car share of 3 are invited to enter into a competition. Prizes include tickets for next years event as well as merchandise and a mystery prize this year (ooh mystery prize) names will be entered into a raffle and announced on the evening of Sunday 21st.
We are working on getting our event on some car share sites, But If you got a ticket be a boss and get ahead of the game by using the bellow!

Please note, though it would sadden us greatly, if necessary to save space for our lovely car share crew we will turn away single drivers, they will be given locations of alternative parking in Gloucester town to walk in.


Parking for the weekend at the festival costs £5-10 depending on the tear.aGL1 2JQ